To enable the Trustees to carry out their Objectives they have to raise funds. From the beginning, they decided that, wherever possible, they would invest any donations received (e.g. from bequests) in long-term Investmants and make Donations from the income derived from those Investmants. This policy has been sucessful and the Trustees will continue with it so long as they receive sufficient bequests to provide adequate funds to meet all requirements.

The Trustees accordingly welcome all those interested in the well-being of Irish Red Setters (and other dogs) to bequest Donations in their Wills. All they need to do is inform their Solicitor of their wish and give him the following information:-

1) Name of Charity :

The Irish Red Setter Rescue Charitable Trust.

2) Registered Number :


3) Contact Name & Address

D B Jack,

The Trustees also welcome other donations.

Because of the Charity's exemption from Taxation, it is able to take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme. Donations may be made to the Charity under this Scheme and the Charity can recover Income Tax at the standard rate. At the present time, this is £28.21 for every £100.00 donated; from 6th. April 2008 this will be reduced to £25.00 per £100.00 donated due to the reduction in the standard rate of tax from 22% to 20%. Those interested in making Donations under the Gift Scheme should send their cheques to the Secretary / Treasurer : D B Jack together with a completed Gift Aid Form (see GIFT AID FORM page). Those doners who pay Income Tax at the higher rate will also be able to recover tax at the higher rate on such donations.

The Trustees ask that such Donations be at least £100.00; smaller Donations should be sent directly to the Irish Setter Breeders Club Rescue Scheme; (see CONTACTS page)